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Metropolitan Kallistos of Corinth (+1986) meets with the 1983 ROCOR Council of Bishops

A draft translation from the Minutes of Protocol #5, July 26/August 8, 1983.


Metropolitan Kallistos of Corinth (+1986) meets with the 1983 ROCOR Council of Bishops A draft translation from the Minutes of Protocol #5, July 26/August 8, 1983. 8. The Greek [Metropolitan] Archbishop Kallistos [of Corinth] arrives at the meeting. He expresses his joy at being at the Council, seeing Metropolitan Philaret [of New York], and asking for the blessing of the Council. He then recalls how he and the other bishops of [the late] Archbishop Matthew [of Athens] were received into communion with the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, which was received with great joy in Greece, as expressed in the printed organ of their Church. However, the unification with the [rival] Church of Archbishop Auxentios [of Athens], which was desired by the Synod Abroad, did not take place. Neither group truly wanted reconciliation and unification. Vladyka Kallistos then traveled to Boston where he met with Archbishop Vitaly [of Montreal].

St Philaret of NY (Center), Left: Metropolitan Kallistos of Corinth, Right: Metropolitan Epiphanios of Kition

Vladyka Vitaly told him not to worry, for he would remain in unity with the Russian Church. The Matthewites opposed this, and then Vl. Kallistos joined Archbishop Auxentios. But he too [Auxentios], forgetting his communion with the Russian Synod, later refused to sign a letter to Metropolitan Philaret testifying to this, and began to act against him. He received the [Portuguese] priest Gabriel [da Rocha] without a canonical release. When they came to Archbishop Auxentios and asked him to ordain such bishops who would be loyal to the Russian Synod, he crossed out their names and named others. Then Bishops Kallistos and Anthony [of Megara] ordained 8 bishops for Auxentios, but he refused to accept these bishops and ordained others. Thereafter, the Romanian Old Calendarists came to Greece. They were advised to become acquainted with all the groups, although they immediately liked Kallistos’ group, as being in communion with the Russian Church Abroad. [Vicar] Bishop Silvestru, who had been consecrated by a one bishop, also came from Romania, and Kallistos corrected his consecration. Then a certain [heterodox] bishop Giovanni [Bascio] came from Italy.

He was baptized and ordained [as Bishop of Sardinia] for Italy after researching him. He had 10 men for his own clergy. While in a convent near Athens, Metropolitan Kallistos suffered many tribulations for wanting to be in communion with the Russian Synod, and benefiting from that communion and unity. He has seven bishops. They are working hard for their Church to develop, but they need the support of the Russian Synod. They have four priests in America. Bishop Mark [of Berlin] asks about the non-canonical reception by a bishop from Metropolitan Kallistos’ group of our Subdeacon Peter, who has been received and ordained as a priest. Metropolitan Kallistos replies that he knows nothing about this case. He will return to Greece and make an investigation. If this error is not corrected, he will leave his group and be alone. This was his confession. It is up to the Council to decide what to do. He asked to be informed of the decision. After this, Metropolitan Kallistos says goodbye. Sympathy is expressed and he is cautioned that a decision will not follow immediately


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