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1998 Anathema Against Ecumenism by the Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece (GOC).



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Athens, 25/9/1998 (Old Calendar)



To them saying that the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic church, existing as a church of proto-churches in heaven and constituting the body of Christ during the appearance of the Holy Spirit at Holy Pentecost, has disappeared from the world as divided into many branches, each of which possesses part of the revealed truth and for the sake of mysteries as the new-age ecumenists teach, therefore, it must be re-founded again by us men by uniting all the branches into a single tree, that is, by assimilating all the sectarian schisms with the true Orthodox Church and all of them with the other religions to form a pan-religion which will constitute the church of the Antichrist, ANATHEMA

Joachim III, Patriarch of Constantinople, Meletios Metaxakis and Chrysostomos Papadopoulos, the pioneers of the evils of Ecumenism, ANATHEMA

On the outraged conferences against the Orthodox faith in Constantinople in 1923 and in the Mount Athos in 1931 ANATHEMA

To them saying that God had two holinesses, divine and human, and that his human holiness came forth ANATHEMA [1].

To Jeremiah of Traunus, Sylvester of Alexandria, Sophronius of Jerusalem and all the others who fought for the Orthodox Faith at the Pan-Orthodox Synods in the years 1583, 1587 and 1593, which condemned the calendar innovation and cut off from the body of the Church those who accepted it ETERNAL MEMORY

In honor of the Ecumenical Patriarch and the Synod of Constantinople of the year 1848 ETERNAL MEMORY

To all those who fought with deeds and speeches for the Orthodox Faith and against the innovations of the New Calendar and the heresy of Ecumenism ETERNAL MEMORY



+ CHRYSOSTOMOS of Athens                    + STEPHANOS of Chios

+ MAXIMOS of Thessaloniki                         + ATHANASIOS of Acharnes

+ KALINIKOS of Achaia                              + JUSTINOS of Euripus

+ MATTHEW of Oinois                                + PAUL of America


[1]. This paragraph refers to a very obscure and now long-forgotten heresy proposed by Panangiotis Trembelas sometime in the 1930's and was condemned by the Church. Trembelas corrected his opinion on this heresy later in life. This paragraph both in the original Greek and the English translation is very difficult to understand and is best understood in the time and context in which it was written.


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